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The Characters for Success in a Family Business

Jolene Brown joins us with a trip down the yellow brick road to share the key characters to a successful family business.

Harvest Tips from Farm Couples

Here are some harvest survival tips from farm couples who know the struggle first hand!

Amazing Woman in Ag: Ashley

Meet amazing woman in ag Ashley, who is a dairy farmer in Michigan!

Life Lessons from 4-H and FFA

Some of our farm girls shared why 4-H and FFA were so amazing and what lessons they learned!

How to Change the Oil in Your Tractor

Changing the oil in your tractor is a fairly simple way to keep it in good condition. Here are the steps.


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Planting (and Patience)

Lisa, our farm gal from Iowa is back today discussing this year's planting season - and patience.


20 Reasons Being a Farm Girl Rocks

We asked why being a woman in agriculture rocks and here are 20 reasons!


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