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Your "One Thing"

Jolene Brown is back today sharing some information on finding your "one thing."

Market Update 8/18

Check out the market update for 8/18!

Individual Raspberry Cream Pie

Check out the delicious recipe for raspberry cream pie served in individual containers!

Being a Realistic Optimist

Jolene tackles the difference in beliefs and results of the eternal idealist, the perpetual pessimist and the realistic optimist!

Market Update 8/11

Time for our weekly market update for 8/11!


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Amazing Woman in Ag: Krista

If you don't already know Krista (aka the Farmer's Wifee), you are about to know...and love her!


Jenny Rohrich: The Life of a Farmwife Part 2

Today we are back with Jenny Rohrich to discuss how and why she shares her farm story!


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One out of every seven farms are now managed by a woman!

 98% of farms in the U.S. are family owned and operated.