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5 Tips on Reaching Out to Consumers

Sharing your story is overwhelming. Here are 5 starter tips on reaching out to consumers.

Harvest Safety Tips

Fall is just a couple of weeks away and for many of us, that means harvest! Here are a few tips as a friendly reminder to stay safe this harvest season!

Speaking the Language of Your Audience

It's important to speak the language of your audience: not dumbing it down, it's simply bridging the gap between farmer and consumer!

Finding Your "One Thing"

Jolene Brown is back today sharing some information on finding your "one thing."

Market Update 8/18

Check out the market update for 8/18!


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Amazing Woman in Ag: Sarah

Introducing Sarah (aka Nurse Loves Farmer) and a little about her farm story!


Amazing Woman in Ag: Darcy

Today we have a new amazing woman in ag on the site, Darcy!


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Over 30% of farmers are female!

One out of every seven farms are now managed by a woman!

 98% of farms in the U.S. are family owned and operated.