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Jolene's Best Tips for Women in Ag

As we wind down 2015, it's time to remember some of the great advice and tips Jolene Brown shared with us this year.

A Moment of Gratitude

As we enter into the busy holiday season, we get a reminder on the importance of taking a moment of gratitude.

Parents: It's Your Job!

When it comes to a family business, there are certain thing parents MUST do, even if it doesn't 'please' everyone!

Amazing Woman in Ag: Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, a dairy farmer from North Carolina.

Whoever Heard of Bless Your Stress?

Jolene Brown joins us with author and speaker Leslie Charles. They discuss the idea of blessing your stress and why a little stress isn't so bad when you have some perspective.


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Farm Girl Tips: You Married a City Boy

We have some tips on what to do when you fall in love with a city boy - straight from farm girls who know!


Planting (and Patience)

Lisa, our farm gal from Iowa is back today discussing this year's planting season - and patience.


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