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Planting (and Patience)

Lisa, our farm gal from Iowa is back today discussing this year's planting season - and patience.

Busyness and the Need for Focus

Jolene Brown joins us to tackle why busyness is trouble when you don't have focus - and some tips on focusing.

DIY Farm Wedding Ideas

If you are getting married soon, here a few ways to tie in the farm style on a budget!

Ag Careers Outside of Farming

In today's world, farming is just the beginning of a wide open industry full of career options. Here are some ag careers outside of farming.

How to Cope When Times Are Tough on the Farm

We gathered some ways farmers cope when times are tough on the farm to help you the next time you need a pick-me-up.


Featured Articles

Introducing: Luella

Today we are thrilled to introduce an amazing woman in ag who will also be joining us as a guest blogger, Luella!


Amazing Woman in Ag: Macy

Today we are sharing a new amazing woman in ag, Macy Sarbacker.


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