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Farm Girl Checklist

Whether you are planting, harvesting or just have a long day in the field ahead, this is our best farm girl checklist so you don't leave home without everything you need.

A Lesson in Giving: Makes 8. Keep 5. Give 3 away.

Jolene Brown shares a lesson in giving with the help of her mother-in-law's legacy.

Farm Employee Rules and Tips

Here are the best rules and tips for farm employees from farmers who know!

Succession Planning - It’s More Than a Will

Jolene Brown joins us to explain what succession planning is all about - and it's more than just a will!

Celebrating Women in Ag

Today we are celebrating women in ag with some of our favorites.


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Farm Girl Problems

There are things that happen that farm girls know a little too well. Here are some of our favorite Farm Girl Problems.


Women in Ag: Misfits on a Mission

Here are some of the insights from the past that still teach valuable lessons for today for women in agriculture.


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