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5 Tips on Reaching Out to Consumers

Sharing your story is overwhelming. Here are 5 starter tips on reaching out to consumers.

Harvest Safety Tips

Fall is just a couple of weeks away and for many of us, that means harvest! Here are a few tips as a friendly reminder to stay safe this harvest season!

Speaking the Language of Your Audience

It's important to speak the language of your audience: not dumbing it down, it's simply bridging the gap between farmer and consumer!

Stand Proud as a Farm Wife

Sharing another great topic from Krista, the Farmer's Wifee: Being a proud farm wife.

Your "One Thing"

Jolene Brown is back today sharing some information on finding your "one thing."


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Amazing Woman in Ag: Kelly

Today we have an amazing woman in the ag industry, Kelly (from Old Blue Silo)! Keep reading for more about Kelly.


Amazing Woman in Ag: Kristie

We have a new amazing woman in ag on the website today: Kristie from Pretty-N-Pink Farm in Piermont, NH.


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Woman Strong

Over 30% of farmers are female!

One out of every seven farms are now managed by a woman!

 98% of farms in the U.S. are family owned and operated.