Jenny Rohrich: The Life of a Farmwife

We are beyond thrilled to have Jenny on our website today. We love her articles, her blog and her photos. We were lucky enough to ask Jenny a few questions to get a little glimpse into her life! And check back tomorrow for the second half of our interview.

Jenny is a self-proclaimed country girl born and raised in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. While she grew up in almond, walnut, and rice country, her family didn't farm. Jenny grew up in the family butcher shop and deli, which was started by her grandfather. Her parents eventually took it over. Whether she was on her dad's back while he made sausage or in the playpen while her mom made sandwiches, she spent her childhood in the shop. In a little foreshadowing of what was to come, Jenny was extremely involved in the local 4-H program where she raised hogs and cattle and served as a county wide All Star. 

When it came time to head to college, Jenny stayed local because her family is from the Chico, California area. As you might expect, Jenny wanted to get away from the meat industry all together and found her way to an Interior Design degree. Unfortunately, as she was joining the workforce, the building industry slowed to a halt. Without a job in interior design, Jenny went to work with her dad. As she began to appreciate the meat industry, she decided her future was there. In August of 2011, she joined Twitter and started a blog. She said, "little did I know social media would change my life forever. Literally."

Jenny met a farmer from North Dakota via Twitter. She explains, "in January of 2012, we met face to face for the first time. In March of 2012, I visited North Dakota for the first time and fell in love with the people, our small town, and the farm. I moved to Ashley, North Dakota in July of 2012 and had my fair share of firsts: harvest, North Dakota winter, living in a town of less than 1,000 people, living 90 miles from any big box store… It was a change but I never had any doubts. On September 7, 2013 that Sunflower farmer and I got married. And as they say… the rest is history." 


Jenny and her husband, Mark, live in Ashley, ND and their farm, Rohrich Farms, is located 20 miles away outside of Zeeland, ND. They farm four primary crops: wheat, corn, soybeans, & sunflowers. The farm is a family affair including her husband's parents as well as one of his brothers and family. Rohrich Farms was originally started by Mark's grandfather in 1946 and has been located on the same farmstead ever since.

Jenny's personal blog started as a way to showcase her photography business in California. "One of my passions has always been photography. I am completely self-taught and purchased my first DSLR camera after graduating college. At the same time I was starting my business, I met my husband and my blog changed from being about photography to about meeting this farmer and eventually moving to North Dakota. My readership took off as people became interesting in finding love, moving from California to North Dakota, and my experiences as I learned about row crop farming. The more I wrote about my life and my experiences, the more people started reading. So I just kept writing... about whatever I felt compelled to share." Eventually, Jenny wrote a post 10 Ways Marrying a Farmer Changed My Life (which we loved, by the way!) that was featured on The Huffington Post. And it all grew from there. "I had people emailing me and messaging me about how they fell in love with a farmer too, or how they moved across the country for love, or how they've been married to a farmer for years and never knew that much about farming until they read my posts." 

Jenny has since become a contributing writer to The Huffington Post and simply through my writing and sharing on my blog. "I am constantly blown away at how my blog has allowed me to connect with people. The internet is a big world but blogging about agriculture makes that world smaller. I have made lifelong friends through my blog and other social media outlets. In all of my posts I write with the goal to just write from my heart, be honest, and really just be ME. I want people to read all my posts and be able to see themselves somewhere in there. And I am so blessed that my blog can be home to topics across the board whether it be agriculture or photography or even fitness! It's amazing to me the power of sharing my own story in a very public forum can impact my life so profoundly."


Join us tomorrow for the second half of our interview with Jenny!

If you want to learn more about Jenny or keep up with her on the farm, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, on the Huffington Post or on  

For more stories of amazing women in ag, keep reading on!


All photos provided by Jenny Rohrich.

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Rebekah Gustafson - Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 1:37:58 PM
Jenny is such and amazing person! She is a huge inspiration to me. Jenny writes with such honesty and passion for what she does. Thank you for sharing, she deserves so much for all the hard work she has put into all she does.

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