Chocolate benefits

Sometimes chocolate has a bad reputation, but there are some great benefits to eating chocolate. You don't always have to skip the chocolate to be healthy. Here are some welcomed facts about every gal's favorite treat:


It's a Powerful Antioxidant

Chocolate is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are so good for us because they are corrective to harmful substances which can cause health issues, including cancer. Having antioxidants in our system means that we are fighting and killing off these life-threatening substances. And chocolate can help smooth out wrinkles and keep skin soft.


It Protects the Skin

Antioxidants, along with fighting substances in the body, help prevent any damage to be caused to the skin's collagen, elastin, and other protein that helps keep skin young and beautiful. Because it is rich in flavanoids, which help maintain the collagen in our skin and helps fight against the sun's damaging UV rays, it keeps skin even healthier.


It Moisturizes the Skin

Because chocolate can contain cocoa butter, it can be used as a moisturizer for our skin. Moisturizers made of chocolate are generally suitable for all skin types as it is gentle yet nourishing for the skin.


It can Help Prevent Health Problems

Eating dark chocolate in moderation can actually lower the "bad" cholesterol in our system, and help increase the "good" cholesterol. Dark chocolate has shown the ability to lower our blood pressure. Which means the whole body will be looking and feeling better if we just nibble on a little bit of dark chocolate each day!


It Relieves Stress

Studies have shown that even smelling the aroma of chocolate can have a soothing effect on an individual. The chocolate actually causes positive neuro-chemical changes in our brain. This is a benefit because it relieves stress. And stress can cause premature wrinkles, dry hair, dry nails, weight gain, and a number of serious health issues (such as cancer and many other diseases).


It can Cheer you up

Happiness is contagious. Dark chocolate has been shown to contain both phenylethylamine and tyramine, two chemicals that have been shown to elevate the very same hormones that are elevated when a human being falls in love. This means that chocolate can not only gives us those good "lovey dovey" feelings inside, but it also helps dispel negative thoughts and feelings.


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