Tip of the Week: Christmas Edition

You may be celebrating Christmas next week and you may have a lot on your agenda. So, here are a couple of tips to help you get through the day without a hitch!

Don't experiment! Know your recipes and plan your ingredients ahead of time. The day of a big meal is not the time to show off with a recipe you have not tried!

Be flexible. Don't panic if everyone is not there when the meal begins. And if you are ten minutes late with serving food, no one should say a word. It's best to have a flexible time table rather than a schedule set in stone!

Use your freezer and refrigerator to prepare what you can ahead of time. Trying to master an entire meal on your own will be a challenge, so plan ahead. And there's no shame in asking people to bring a dish!

Last and certainly not least...Say yes. If someone offers to help you set the table, clean a dish, fill glasses with ice...don't say no. You will enjoy the day more if you aren't flying completely solo.

Enjoy the day! It's a celebration!

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