Christmas Traditions

With Christmas sneaking up, we have been doing some reflecting on the things that mean Christmas to us. We talked to a couple of the gals here and collected some of our favorite Christmas traditions to share with you.

"Every year, my brother and I (who are grown) still spend the night Christmas Eve at my mom's house. We open presents in the morning like we have done for 28 years."

"My favorite tradition is going to my grandma's house on Christmas evening. We stay there pretty late hanging out, talking and playing games."

"Every year, the kids would get a new Christmas ornament on Thanksgiving."

"When the children where all small on Christmas eve we would light a
fire in the fireplace and read Christmas storys and drink hot chocolate until
they all got sleepy."

"Listening to Christmas music for the whole month of December."

"Going to see the Nutcracker."

"Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

"Going ice skating and then going to see Santa with all of my cousins."

We (my husband and I) still do have our little Christmas just the two of us we take our gifts after the kids would go to bed and it was just the two of us and we would play Christmas music and open our gifts from each other."    

"Going around the room before dinner and everyone saying something they are thankful for."

"Decorating the tree as a family."

"When I was a little girl, every year my mom and dad would take my brother and I to a neighborhood in town to see all the Christmas lights. They also had Reindeer in the front of the subdivision every year that we would stop to see and I LOVED it. It was so exciting as a kid."

"We have a new tradition. We have always all gotten together on my mom's side of the family (like 80 people) for Christmas Eve. The last few years we have made a tradition in which Santa comes and brings a sack full of toys for all the little girls and boys. It is so much fun to see all the kids reaction when they see Santa, some excited, some scared but all very cute."

"Sending and receiving Christmas cards."

"We would sit out our shoes on December 5th and hope that St. Nick would leave us some treats!"


Thanks to everyone who shared with us! Share your traditions with us in the comments below!

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