Christmas List: Week Two

We are well into the shopping season. We want to make it easier on you this year, so we have put together a few lists of great gifts to get the farmer or agriculture enthusiast in your life. Last week we shared some of our favorites.

Here are our top five gifts for the week:

State-shaped cutting board. These are super cute and available on etsy!


$49 on Etsy.


This personalized barn ornament is an awesome gift for the farmer in your life. 


$10 on  


This necklace is a perfect gift for the horse-lover in your life. There are a lot of options, but we liked this one for the design and the price!


$20 on


The bucket boss is a great catch-all for the tools your man uses! This is a great product that helps organize!


$33 on Duluth Trading.


Last is a dishtowel that shows you all of the cuts of meat! It's too funny and a great gift for the carnivore in your life!


$9 on Spoon Sisters.


We hope you have a great shopping experience this year! And don't forget to tell us what's on your Christmas list!


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