Gardening tips: Tis the season

It's almost the time of year when it is too late to get your garden started. So if you are hoping for some tomatoes this season, it's time to get going! At this point in the year, it may be your best bet to skip seeds and buy starter plants. Here are some tips on gardening the right way to motivate you to take advantage of the last few days of garden planning.

Find the sun. Most plants in the garden will need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. Be sure to pick the spot where there is enough sun to for your garden to flourish.

Start small. You don't have to have a gigantic garden on your first try. A garden can be overwhelming if you aren't prepared, so be sure to only bite off as much as you can chew. Starting with a small raised bed is a great way to transition into the world of gardening.

Keep trespassers out. Be aware that a garden is more than planting and weeding. You have to be prepared to keep out rabbits, raccoons and more. Proper fencing will keep out unwanted visitors from chowing down on your vegetables.

Share the love. You don't have to plant all of your veggies together. You can spread out peppers all over the garden, for example, so the scent is not overwhelmingly calling to bugs to come in and ruin your plants. Mingle your plants for best results.

Harvest when ready. Not everything is going to be ready at the same time, but you will have to pay attention to be sure you get everything out of the garden at the right time.

Show off. You don't have to hide your garden! Whether you live on a farm or in the city, gardens are something to be proud of! If you can work it into your patio or landscaping, it will make it easier for you to show it off, and it will be even more fun to watch the garden grow and change.

 Have you already started your garden? How is it growing so far?

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