The Great State: Utah

Utah is a state whose crop production is a great part of its success. From wheat, barley and beans to potatoes, onions and corn, Utah produces a variety of crops. The state is also known for its sweet corn and tomatoes. They are top-ranking for cherries (tart and sweet), apricots and peaches; mink, sheep and trout. They also depend on beef, hog and sheep sales along with livestock products like wool, milk and eggs. Utah is a large state, with almost 90,000 square miles.

Capital: Salt Lake City

Population: 2,784,580

Founded: January 4, 1896 (Utah is the 45th state)

State Bird: California Seagull

State Tree: Blue Spruce

State Flower: Sego Lily

State Flag:


Largest City: Salt Lake City

Nickname: Beehive State


Farm Facts:

Number of Farms: 16,600

Average Farm Size: 669 acres

Total Farmland: 11 million acres


For more information on Utah, visit their website.



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