Ten fun things for Fall

It's September! And while fall is a ways away (it starts September 22), we are excited for a new season. Here is a top ten list of things we love to do in the fall to get you excited too!

Play in the leaves. Once those trees start to turn beautiful shades of yellow and orange, it's time to rake your yard. And then play in the leaves with yourself, your kiddos or your pup!

Watch a scary movie. Watching a scary movie is a great way to get excited about Halloween and even start brainstorming about costume ideas!

Make chili. Nothing beats comfort food on a cool day. Chili is a great soup to make in bulk and eat on for days! Here are some great chili recipes and you can even make some JJ jalapeno Cornbread to go along with it.

Pick a pumpkin. Lots of farms or orchards have pick-your-own pumpkin patches in the fall, so get a group and head out to find your own pumpkin to carve or decorate.

Pick an apple or ten. Go apple picking with some friends at your local orchard. Be sure to make some cider or apple pie with all of the apples you picked!

Have a bonfire. Whether you have a fire pit or a big yard, you can have a bonfire and enjoy the warmth on a cool night. You could even make s'mores! Of course, be careful with an open flame and have an extinguisher or water on hand.

Enjoy a football game. If your local high school has a team, you can enjoy a Friday night game. And in the fall there'salwaysa game on tv!

Shop. Hit the local Farmer's Market or Flea Market for some local food or second-hand goods.

Take a drive. Take a short road trip to enjoy the leaves and scenery, have a picnic outside and even take hike.

Plant mums or bulbs. It's the time of year to start planting for the spring bloomers. Mums planted in the ground can survive winter if cared for properly and bulbs come out just as Spring begins!

What's your favorite thing to do in the fall? Share with us!


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