Winter Garden Wrap-up

It's that time of year when you put your garden to bed and ensure next season is even better with our winter gardening checklist. Here are four must-do items to prepare for next year.

Pick. Finish grabbing any of your surviving fruits and veggies. This means rounding up the last of the peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. If you have any plants which can withstand frost, like spinach, be sure to keep blankets available to cover them during a particularly cold night.

Clean. Cut down and pull out any dead or decaying plants. You can add it to the compost pile if you have one! Pile on the leaves too.

Straighten. Get all of your tools cleaned up and ready for next year. Scrub any tools, sharpen the blades and clean with oil to prevent them from getting rusty. Drain your hose and put it away so it doesn't freeze. Store everything in a covered spot such as a garage or shed. If you have any seeds to save, be sure to label and store them in a cool place.

Organize. Make any notes you want to remember next year, from what you want to grow, to tools that need replacing to what you want to change next year. This can make the preparation in the spring even easier.


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