Soda Can Gift Tag: DIY

We love any craft project that saves money and allows you to recycle materials to be reused. This DIY gift tag tutorial is perfect for both reasons. They are also incredibly easy to make and are pretty cute.

First you will need an empty soda can or two. You may want to rinse it out to be sure it isn't sticky.

Use scissors to cut the top and bottom off of your soda can.

If you have trouble getting started, you can punch a hole in the can with a thumbtack to create something for the scissors to wedge into.

Trace around a business card or other similarly shaped piece of hardy paper. You should trace on the printed side of the can (the side that won't show in your final product).

Next, trace a slightly smaller rectangle. Put the small rectangle on the other side of the large rectangle and fold in the edges of the large rectangle to secure the small rectangle. This is easier done if you snip the corners off.

Now you can punch a design into the aluminum with a thumb tack. As a fair warning, this process is not for the "faint of thumb."

Once you are finished, use a hole-puncher to put a hole in the tag.  

Tie in on your gift for your recipient. As a bonus, this DIY gift tag can be hung in a window or on a Christmas tree for years to come.


Note: As an alternative, you could make a similar but more malleable project out of aluminum foil. Be warned that an aluminum foil tag would easily fold or crinkle, though, while this tag is virtually indestructible.

For more great DIY crafts, keep reading.

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