Alternative uses for Cucumbers

Cucumbers are delicious and refreshing. But they have a lot of hidden uses beyond eating.

Soothing eyes. This is probably not news, but cucumbers can be used to sooth eyes. Because of their high water content, a refrigerated cucumber can hydrate your skin. It only takes about ten minutes with these over your closed eyes to see and feel results!

De-fogging mirrors. I like to get ready in the bathroom, so it's tough when the bathroom mirror fogs up after a shower! Try rubbing a cucumber slice along the mirror. This will help eliminate the fog and it will smell yummy too.

Protecting your garden. If you have slugs or grubs in your garden, place a few cucumber slices in a small pie tin in your garden. The cucumber reacts to the aluminum giving off a scent that pests hate, but humans can't even detect.

Correcting mistakes. If you use a pen and make a mistake, you can use the outside of a cucumber to erase the mistake. This also works great if your kiddos have been drawing with crayons and markers on the walls!

Shining shoes. If you need a quick shoe shine, rub a freshly cut cucumber over your shoes. This will leave your shoes shiny and water repellant as well!

Stop squeaking. If you have a squeaky hinge, you can fix it by using a cucumber slice. Simply rub a slice of cucumber along the squeaky hinge and the door should be quiet!

Did we miss any great ideas? Tell us your tips in the comments!

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