Natural Sunburn Cures

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If you are like us, you love summer and love being outside. While we all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, sometimes the day gets away from us and we end up with the dreaded sunburn.

Sunshine in small doses is certainly good for us - it's known to help your mood and it provides Vitamin D! But should you enjoy a little too much sun, here are some natural cures for sunburn:

Water. Sunburn can cause dehydration so drink plenty of water to help hydrate both your body and your skin.

Oatmeal. Putting oatmeal on sunburn is an old home remedy that really helps ease the pain of a sunburn. 

Aloe Vera. Use the plant (rather than the aloe you purchase at the store) for quicker, better results. Aloe Vera works because of it's anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar. This will take the sting out of your sunburn. Vinegar is helps to cool the skin as it evaporates.

Ice. Using ice, or even a cold shower, can pull the sting out of your skin as well.

Milk. Milk can help soothe pain, itching and burning so applying it to a sunburn can relieve some of the pain.

Don't forget - you should always seek medical advice if the sunburn is severe!


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