Spotlight on Farmers' Markets

Farmers' markets are gaining popularity in urban areas and this could mean good news for your farm. If you haven't been to one, a farmer's market is a retail market which allows farmers to sell goods directly to consumers. The goods can be fruits, vegetables, meats, local products (like honey or lip balm), crafts and prepared foods. They can be indoors or outdoors and are typically made up of tables, stands or booths.

Farmers' markets have a lot of benefits for farmers and for consumers. For farmers, the market can provide a steady location to sell their products with less transport and handling, less refigeration and storage than selling goods otherwise. It also allows the farmer to build a rapport with customers who could become loyal consumers if they are satisfied with their products.

There are many benefits to the community as well. Farmers' markets connect the urban and rural communities in a positive way. They provide increased traffic for the vendors and provide local and unique products for the patrons with easier access.

The largest of the benefits are arguably for the patrons of the market. Farmers' markets are wonderful places to experience the outdoors, meet neighbors, get some fresh air, make new friends and stock up the kitchen. Customers can purchase healthier, seasonal foods that are as fresh as they come without picking them themselves. The markets give them access to organic, local food such as fresh eggs and cheese and it allows patrons to learn about where their food comes from.

What are your favorite things about a having a Farmer's market in your community?


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