Natural Sore Throat Relief

Lucky for us after last year's drought, we have had some pretty consistent rain around Kentucky this summer. Despite hot temperatures, we have managed to keep the ground mostly hydrated. But this makes for a miserable allergy season for those who suffer. A couple of us gals have allergies, so we have been doing some research on how to naturally cure this scratchy throat.

If you have allergies, weather can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day. So when you feel that cold coming on, here are some natural ways to relieve your sore throat:

Gargle salt water. put a little less than a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water and warm in the microwave for thirty seconds. Gargle away. This will temporarily soothe your throat pain.

Drink, drink, drink. Water, juice and hot tea are all good for your sore throat. It helps soothe the scratchy pain and it helps to flush your system.

Have some honey. You can mix honey in a cup of warm tea or just take two teaspoons from the bottle! Either way, this shot of the antibacterial properties of honey will help you heal your throat.

Have a cough drop or lozenge. A cough drop/lozenge will soothe your cough and make your throat feel better. Some cough drops now come with Vitamin C in them, which can help as well.

Enjoy some good ol' chicken noodle soup. That's a go-to for many people, but in case you forgot, chicken noodle soup can really be great for your throat.

Rest up. As with any sickness, getting a good night of sleep can make all the difference. Be sure to give your body the rest it needs.  


These are just natural ways to relieve throat pain. If your scratchy throat is more than allergies, be sure to see a doctor!  

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