10 Ways to Relax

Thursday is National Relaxation Day! We wanted to share some tips on making this holiday count! If you need a few ideas on how to relax (and quickly), keep reading for some ideas. These may just come in handy as the kids head back to school this month!

Ten easy ways to relax:

Have a cup of tea. This is easy and soothing, a perfect short break from the day. It will relax you immediately.

Close your eyes and count backwards from ten. This short breather gives you a needed break from your surroundings. It allows you to have a quick distraction from the things that may overwhelm you.

Give yourself a massage by rubbing your foot over a golf ball. This is a quick massage that will relax you and relieve your feet after a long day!

Enjoy the sun. If the sun is out, take a quick few minutes to just be in the sun. Sunlight is known to help keep depression at bay and it's no wonder a few minutes will cheer you up.

Organize. Set aside five minutes to get organized. Whether it's the corner of your desk or a stack of mail you have been neglecting, give yourself a few minutes to take something off of your to-do list.

Hang out with your pet. Whether it's a dog, cow, pig, bird or cat, spending time with an animal is good for your mood. Spend an extra couple of minutes enjoying time with your pet.

Do something nice. Pay for someone's coffee behind you or pass your extra coupon to someone in the store. Putting some extra good deeds towards your karma points will make you feel good.

Stretch. Whether you sit on the ground and stretch or do a couple of yoga moves, it's good for your body and your mood to stretch out every now and then. It will improve your flexibility and make you feel better.

Snack smart. If you need a little pick-up, take a short break from your day with a snack that is good for you. Grab a handfull of blueberries or yogurt with honey. These snacks are good for you and taking a break to get some extra energy will go a long way!

Make a list. If you are overwhelmed and need to relax, it might be because there is a lot on your plate. If you make a list of things you need to do or buy or even plan meals ahead of time, you might find you are a lot less stressed.

Any other ideas on how to relax? Share your ideas in the comments!

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