Fall Gardening

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It's time to think about your fall garden. That means researching what to plant and how to care for your vegetables. Here are some great veggies that withstand cooler temperatures:

Arugula. Tuck pinches of arugula into rows of shallots and onions;  they'll grow quickly and smother any weeds that might overtake your slower growers.

Beet. To keep soil from forming a crust that will inhibit seedlings from emerging, cover newly planted rows of beets with boards or cloth, and remove it as soon as the little seedlings peek through.

Broccoli. Opt for varieties that produce plenty of side shoots, rather than a single large head.

Now for the how to care for them. Here are some tips on caring for your fall garden:

Treat your soil. Because you're likely planting fall crops in soil that has already fed a spring planting, it's important to replenish beds with organic fertilizer and/or compost before planting.

Water, water, water. Seeds and transplants take off quickly in warm soil with adequate water. To help retain soil moisture, surround seeds with a thick layer of mulch. You can also add shredded leaves or straw will keep soil moist while slowly contributing to the soil as they decompose.

Boost your plants. Keep plants growing strong as temperatures drop by giving them a midseason  nutrient boost. Use a fertilizer to keep the plants strong while they are up against cooler temperatures.

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