Rural Roadway Safety

We know that things are different in the country. The lifestyle is different and the surroundings are different. And if you live on or near a rural road, it's vital to talk to your kids about rural roadway safety. As teenagers get their licenses, educating them on safety should be a parent's top priority.

Why is it important?

Rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads because of road conditions and surfaces, attitudes toward driving, more speeding and less seat belt usage.

The fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled is 2.5 times higher in rural areas than in urbanareas. Why? Further from medical services, more rollovers and collisions with larger vehicles.

40% of occupants killed in rural motor vehicle crashes involved a rollover as opposed to 26% in urban areas. This is due to hills, gravel surfaces and speed.

Rural drivers represent 71% of drivers who died en route to the hospital compared to 29% for urban drivers. This is mainly due to the fact that medical care is farther away.

The response by EMS is longer in rural than in the urban areas - 19 minutes to a rural crash versus 7 minutes to an urban crash because it takes longer to get to the site.


Teens are at an increased risk:

They are inexperienced and underestimate dangerous situations.

They are more likely to speed

Teens allow shorter headway between cars.

Teenagers have the lowest seat belt use.


For more information on rural roadway safety, keep reading at Farm Safety for Just Kids.

Farm Safety For Just Kids is devoted to the safety and health of rural youth by preventing injuries and fatalities. For over 25 years the organization, chapters across the country, and outreach coordinators have provided farm safety education to youth and their families. For more information visit the website or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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