Amazing Woman in Ag: Shelli

Today's woman in ag is Shelli. She and her husband, Rodney own a farm in Greenville, Illinois called Rod Cripe Farms. Shelli has a big family including 8 kids and 10 grand kids. The Cripe's farm is a family affair with her kids driving tractors and helping with the animals and her 75 year-old father-in-law who was supposed to retire, but just can't give up the farm! Shelli drives a bus with her husband and they farm together as well.

Shelli grew up in a city but everything changed when she met her husband. Her husband asked for her help with finding a field cultivator and the rest was history. Shelli loves the farm life, from seeing things planted and watching them grow. She loves the hard work and has a huge appreciation for the other farmers who work just as hard. "I love everything about living on the farm. I love the animals. I love the tractors. But I would have to say my favorite part about being a farmer is the people, good ole American hard workin' family-raised folks."


Shelli said she has noticed a change in agriculture over the past few years. "Going to the National Farm Machinery show… it is amazing how each year they are trying to focus more on women. I am not only helping with all the book keeping but also with the hands on with the farm!" Shelli is certainly not alone. We love seeing more and more women in agriculture every year! And of course, Her family has an annual tractor drive every year and she always drives her pink tractor! Her son painted her a pink tractor and we just love it!


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