Amazing Woman in Ag: Pam

Meet Pam, an amazing woman in agriculture! Pam is new to farming full-time, but has no lack of passion for it. She closed her business three years ago so that she could put all of her time into farming and never looked back. "I was ridiculously excited the first time I wrote "farmer" as my occupation on bank documents!" Although, who wouldn't be excited to put farmer as a full time job! Pam says, "I started small, growing a few easy vegetables, had a few chickens. The more I did, the more I wanted to do. It took 18 years, but, at some point, I became a farmer."

Pam's interest in farming began in her childhood. "When I was growing up, my grandmother had a huge garden. I loved to wander around helping her and remember how the plants towered over me." When Pam was pregnant with her first child, she became more conscious of what she was eating. She started small, but then somewhere along the way discovered a passion for farming.


In the beginning, Pam began gardening and raising a few chickens. "I started farming 4 years ago when my family moved to a rented home with property. My goal was to grow more food than we bought, so I planted up every inch, started raising chickens for eggs and meat, goats for dairy, and added a piglet. I wanted to share what I was doing with others, so I started having Farm Camps for preschool aged kids." Pam had a farm camp for kids, what she called "Unplugging 101." She taught children about animals, harvesting, and where there food comes from. She worked to inspire the next generation of farmers from an early age. Pam loves to encourage others to follow their passion for farming. "My favorite thing about what I do is being outside, growing food for my family and friends. I also love to support people that are interested in farming (or even having backyard chickens and container gardens), by sharing what I know and giving them the resources they need to get started."

Pam has received full support from her family as she follows her passion of farming. "I'm fortunate to have a husband who works off the farm, so that I can follow my heart without worrying about making the mortgage." The biggest challenges she faces with her farming are time management and energy. Running a farm takes both time and energy, and with all the to-do lists she has, sometimes she feels overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed is a good problem to have because Pam says "I can't imagine what I'd do with myself if I was ever "done" with my work." Her farm is called Peaceful Valley Farms and is located in Aptos, CA. "We bought a home on 6 acres and I'm switching gears, away from farm camp, focusing more on food production, community building, and sharing my knowledge, as well as my food. I have started a teeny, tiny farm share and hope to grow more next season."

"The thing that I love the most about being a woman in agriculture is the strong sense of community and support that exists among Woman farmers." Women that I only know through Facebook, that live in my community, those that buy from me and those that sell to me, the ones that I help and the ones that help me. There's just so much loving, support and encouragement. It's overwhelming sometimes. Knowing these Women has made me a stronger, more generous person." Pam has been a great part of the women in agriculture community.  She wishes for it to continue to grow, and as long as she keeps supporting others and their interest in agriculture, the women in ag community will continue to do just that.

For more on Pam and her farm, check out her website.

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