Tractor Roll Over Safety

Farm tractors are essential to modern, high output agriculture. Without them, food production would fall far short of meeting our needs. Unfortunately, tractors are generally the farm machinery identified with the most injuries in crop production agriculture.

Maneuvering sometimes difficult terrain can put the tractor in precarious situations. That type of terrain can cause a tractor to roll, putting the operator in danger.

The rollover protective structure (ROPS) and seat belt, when worn, are the two most important safety devices to protect operators from death during tractor overturns. It is important to remember the ROPS does not prevent tractor overturns. Rather, it keeps the operator from being crushed during a rollover.

When operating a tractor, remember to:

Securely fasten your seat belt

Avoid ditches, embankments, and holes if at all possible

Reduce speed when turning, crossing slopes, and on a questionable surface

Stay off slopes too steep for safe operation

Do not allow passengers

Be sure everyone is a safe distance before moving

Operate the tractor as smoothly as possible

Hitch only to the drawbar and hitch points recommended by the manufacturer

Set brakes securely when tractor is stopped and use park if available


Remember that while these things may be second nature to you, it is critical to train young people and new farmers to operate tractors properly. Beyond the tasks associated with driving, recognizing and avoiding hazards should be addressed.

FarmSafety For Just Kids

Farm Safety For Just Kids is devoted to the safety and health of rural youth by preventing injuries and fatalities. For over 25 years the organization, chapters across the country, and outreach coordinators have provided farm safety education to youth and their families. For more information visit the website or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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