Reconnecting With Your Farmer During Harvest

It is officially September and that means harvest is upon us. When you think about harvest, you might get a little overwhelmed. Much like planting season, harvest takes over our lives. Spending sun up to sun down in the fields can be a challenge, especially for those with kiddos and husbands who are sharing in the work. It's easy to neglect your relationship when you are giving all of your time to your farm. So we collected some ways to reconnect with your farmer during harvest:

Have a date night in the field. There's room for two - so take a ride with him in the combine or tractor.

Plan a picnic. Bring the kids too for a little dinner when you have time for a break. The kiddos are missing mom and dad just like you are missing your farmer!

Remember the things that can wait. Laundry, dishes, etc. can wait until the rain comes. Take advantage of those rainy days when you can! If you are living out of a laundry basket for a couple of days, it will be okay!

If you have a few rainy days, spend some extra time together with a movie!

Help with night milkings, offer to move machinery or help with anything else you can out on the farm when the kids are asleep!

If you have extra time, prepare some of his favorite foods. This will force him to take the time to eat! And while he is eating, you can catch up with one another!

Send text messages throughout the day or leave him a note in the tractor reminding your farmer to be safe and to encourage him and thank him for his hard work!

Tell him you love him…and breathe. Harvest will be over before you know it!

What did we miss? Share your ideas in the comments!

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