The Benefits of Beekeeping

Ready to get jump into the world of beekeeping? There are tons of reasons to start this hobby, but first, know what you are getting yourself into. Beekeeping is not the type of hobby you just dive into without the right information and tools. Just like adopting a dog requires a crate and food and toys, taking up beekeeping as a hobby requires preparation. From a veil and gloves to a hive stand, there are items you need before you start. Just as there are so many variables in owning a pet, managing a bee hive has many of the same facets. So keep that in mind as you prepare!

One great tip for beginners is to join a Bee Association - it will be one of your most valuable resources. Through organizations you gain much knowledge on the local honey plants, your needs as far as equipment in your area, the availability of bee inspectors, state laws, and the opportunity to meet a mentor that will help you with any challenges. The experience of going into a hive with someone that has kept bees for several years is extremely helpful. Don't know where to begin? Check out the Bee Association Map for a full list of Bee Associations.

Once you have decided to join the beekeeping world, you will quickly learn that the rewards are great! Tending to bees will bring you in touch with nature and allows for a relaxing atmosphere as you work with your bees. As your hives grow, so will their production and your discovery of their potential. So, why start beekeeping?

Sweet Reward. The delicious treat that can come out of your backyard: Honey. The best attraction for new beekeepers is the ability to extract your own honey. A single colony can produce a surplus of 60 to 80 pounds of honey. Yum!

The Pollinators. One third of our diet comes either directly or indirectly from bee pollinated crops. The person with just a few hives in their backyard is playing a vital role in American agriculture. Even the backyard hives begin to create a noticable difference in personal gardens.

Other Outputs. The reward of honey is just one outcome of your bee hive that you can collect. Other products bees produce that can be put to good use include: beeswax, propolis, and royal jelly. These other products can lead into other hobbies or can be sold as a profit of your investment. Not many hobbies can have a profitable return like beekeeping.

Ready to get started? If you think beekeeping sounds like the hobby for you, check out Brushy Mountain Bee Farm for more information or call 1-800-Beeswax!

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