20 Reasons Being a Farm Girl Rocks

Being a farmer is a tough job. It takes long hours, dedication and patience. It takes time and flexibility. It's not for those without a strong work ethic. It can be even tougher for a woman who might feel like she is in a man's world. So why would a woman want to be a farmer? We asked why being a woman in agriculture rocks and here are 20 reasons!

"I get to work with my family every day!" - Claudia

"I like the satisfaction that I'm able to teach my daughters how to be strong, independent girls in agriculture everyday" - Kaylie

"Knowing that I will be an influence on the future. Feeding the future, protecting the way of life we love, and maybe even encourage some other women to farm too." - Abigail

"Being able to put these 'tough' city boys in their place!" - Kristi

"The family time. Working and enjoy the fruits of our labor." - Jess

"Being outdoors, watching what you plant grow and being able to harvest it and canning so you reap the rewards all year long." - Mari

"Love getting to teach my kids this way of life. Teaching them how to work with not just their minds, but their backs as well. And they love it!" - LeAnn

"The freedom it affords me. Working with my children and husband & now new son-in-law! Not being tied to a desk (unless I want to be) The view daily is amazing!" - Maryann

"I get to work outside in the fresh air and be my own boss. I get to work side by side with my husband. I get to watch all the newborn calves grow and become healthy adults. Sure, there are bad times, like when you're up all night trying to save a newborn or having to pull one, but i wouldnt trade this life for anything."- Jen

"All the surprises, no day is ever the same!!!!" - Flecia

"You know, I kinda like these big muscles without stepping foot in a gym." - Angela


"Getting to drive the tractor and block out the worries for a little while..." - Jean

"I get to buy really great boots all the time!" - Melanea

"I like being able to celebrate the miracle of life almost daily. " -  Becky

"Growing, raising, and preparing food from our land for our little family!" - Rachel

"Not having to get all fixed up to work a public job (ponytails and no makeup for me)." - Jennifer

"We get so much satisfaction from return customers that like our product and pricing and appreciate how we care about what we do and they notice that effort, pride and work ethic in our teenage boys." - Tammy

"The reaction I get from people when I say I operate a combine." - Megan

"Seeing the next generation love it as much as the one before them!" - Christie

"The satisfaction of feeding people, the security of not having to depend on others to feed my family, and the smile on my face when I see people's reactions when I tell them I'm a farmer." - Teri


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