Tips For Beginning Farmers

While some people are born into farming, not everyone is. And for those who set out to start a first generation farm, it can be a challenge. Here are just a couple of tips on getting started from the people who have already tried and succeeded:

There are a lot of programs out there for farmers. You aren't alone. Look for information on NRCS, FSA, your local extension office and more.

Always work on a farm for at least a year before diving in and starting your own farm. The best way to learn how to farm is by learning from a successful farmer! Practice makes perfect.

Don't diversify too much. Do a few things and do them well quality will set you apart from the rest.

Whatever you think it will take…it will take twice the money and twice the sweat.

Don't text and milk.

People are going to be nasty. But you have to be proud of who you are and what you do. Listening to and worrying about those who don't agree with your way is a waste of energy.

Don't sweat the small stuff and be prepared for an adventure each and every day!

There are more components to consider than you think. Good advice can be sourced from many places and many people. Keep in mind that everyone defines success differently. The key is to plan, plan and plan some more because hope is no strategy.

Be flexible. Expect the unexpected.

Don't skimp on gear: boots, jackets, gloves. Don't save money there because good gear goes a long way!

If you can swing it, pay someone to clean your house during planting and harvest.

And lastly, no matter how tough the day or the experience, remember that the good ALWAYS outweighs the difficult!

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