Amazing Woman in Ag: Shauna

Today's amazing woman in ag is Shauna. She and her husband farm and ranch in North East Montana on their farm, Farver Farms. Her husband is the 4th generation on his family's farm and they are keeping the tradition alive by raising the 5th generation, their teenage daughter and son. The family farms 3,000 acres of spring wheat, winter wheat, dry field peas, lentils, corn and barley. They also hay another 225 acres and run a herd of 100 Black Angus cow/calf pairs.

Shauna did not grow up on a farm, but she did grow up in a small town and always had an interest in agriculture. "My favorite time of year was branding, when our whole extended family would go to 'The Ranch' (my Great Uncles' place) and spend the day working cows and wind it all up with a big barbeque. After I graduated from high school, I spent several summers employed on a working guest ranch and pursuing a degree in animal and range sciences." With her interest in agriculture, she knew her husband, who she met through a mutual friend, was a perfect match. "It was an easy decision to move to the beautiful prairies of North East Montana and start our life together on the farm."


While there are plenty of challenges on the farm, there's also never a dull moment for Shauna, from juggling being a full-time mom to two really busy kids, keeping up with the paperwork and book-keeping for the farm and helping with farm/ranch work. "Every day here on the farm brings a challenge. Whether it's learning to run the new tractor, outrunning a mad mama cow or trying to decipher writing scribbled on a napkin so I bring back the right size bolts from a parts run. My biggest challenge though, is keeping all the balls in the air!" I think we can all relate to that!


Even with the chaos of daily life, there are so many blessings to being a family farmer. "My favorite thing about living on the farm, is the opportunity I have to work together side-by-side every day with my husband and kids. To see the miracle of growth in every new season.  I love calving, seeing those new babies every spring. And watching all the hard work come to fruition during harvest."


There are plenty of reasons being a woman in ag is great and Shauna nails it. "I love being a woman in the ag industry. I love all those challenges that come with every new day.  I love that I learn something new every day. I love that I can bring a woman's perspective to the table when we're planning for the next season on the farm or when I'm ag-vocating to consumers about agriculture. But most of all, I love that I'm doing what I think is some of the most important work - raising a new generation of ag producers. Teaching them to love this land and their heritage, as well as the industry."

Women continue to change the face of agriculture every single day. Strong women pave the way for the next generation of strong women. Shauna recognizes this as well, as women need "to stand up and find our own power and our voice! As women, we really do have a unique perspective on agriculture. We need to not be afraid to share that. Each woman's situation is different, but there's always an opportunity to share our specific knowledge set to help move the industry forward." We couldn't agree more. Thanks to Shauna for sharing her farm story. For more on Shauna, check out her blog:

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