The Perks of Being a Farm Mom

There are so many reasons why being a mom is awesome. Whether you are raising kiddos, you already raised them, or your sweet animals are your babies, being a mom is a challenge and a blessing 365 days a year! So what better time to celebrate our farm moms out there than Mother's Day? In honor of the day, we are sharing the perks of being a farm mom!

The best thing about being a farm mom is you always have a mission, something that must be done. That means you are never bored!

Being a farm mom is awesome because you can work alongside your husband and kids for hours a day. Quality time that just can't be replaced!

Watching the kids eat right out of the garden. Seeing that raising your kids on a farm means they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor - quite literally!

Being able to show kids the circle of life - explaining how life comes into the world and how it ends with real examples. It is an incredibly valuable lesson.

Being able to show your kids that you reap what you sow and sharing that hard work will pay off if you put your heart and soul into what you do.

Spending lots of time with family - immediate and extended! Lots of family everywhere!

Teaching kids the value of hard work through example. Real, dirty hands and worn-out boots teach more than words. 

Showing kids the way a team works. From sharing the load on chores to seeing what happens when someone doesn't pull their weight. It takes a team!


Raising kids who just love the dirt!

Watching your kids grow from admiration of the large equipment and wanting to help to being tall enough and old enough to actually do it.

Having the opportunity to raise animals and kids side-by-side. Watching them grow together.

The best thing about being a farm mom is wide open spaces for the kids to play in and explore. The world is open to their imagination with so much space!

Raising strong kids at a slower pace than you would have in the city!

Showing your kids that you can do what you love and love what you do. Farming is a passion that can only be shared by doing it!

Teaching patience, responsibility, fear, joy and gratitude with everyday life.

Knowing the joy of kids who come back to the farm as adults and knowing you did something right!

Helping with the grandkids while your adult kids do the farm work!

Having your kids' friends over because they love being on the farm. Sharing the lifestyle with your kids and beyond!

Teaching a teenager how to drive and practicing in our old trucks! The same trucks you learned on when you were younger!

Having the example to teach kids to be independent and to show them how important they are!

Raising the next generation of strong farm women!


Raising four-legged babies and seeing a calf go from wobbly legs to a full-grown cow right before your eyes…and knowing it was because of your help!

Being able to stay home with the kids and educate them beyond what a text book can teach!

Watching your kids grow into strong, hard-working people who appreciate the small things in life.

We love our farm moms! Thanks for all you do!


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