How to Change the Oil in Your Tractor

When you are using equipment regularly it's important to do maintenance to keep them in good shape to last you through the years. Changing the oil in your tractor is a fairly simple way to keep it in good condition. It should be done every six months or according to the hours in the owner's manual. Here are the steps to changing the oil in your tractor.

1. Know your tractor. Refer to owner's manual for appropriate oil type and filter.

2. Collect supplies. You will need oil, a new filter, a new drain plug and pan. You will also need a funnel, an old towel and de-greaser (just in case).

3. Drain the oil. The tractor should be on a level surface to start. Engine should be off, parking brake should be on. Using a wrench (and a drain pan), pull the oil drain plug from the engine.

4. Remove the filter. Have a towel ready, this can get a little messy. Let drain.

5. Install the new filter. Reinstall the old filter coating O-rings or rubber gaskets with fresh oil. Reassemble the filter exactly as it was. Bolt it back on, keeping the bolts tight but not impossible to remove.

6. Tighten the drain plug. Once the filter is installed, place the O-ring on the drain plug. Tighten it down, but again not so tight that it can't be removed.

7. Time for new oil. Using a funnel, fill the oil fill to the appropriate level and then tighten the cap.

8. Check for leaks. Make sure there are no leaks by putting the transmission in neutral, with the parking brake on. Start and idle for about a minute, making sure the oil filter and drain plug are not leaking.

9. Check your levels. Turn the tractor off for a few minutes. Then check the oil level on the dipstick.

10. Dispose of your old oil. Empty your drain pans into a safe container to recycle the oil. Many service shops will take the oil, so bring it with you next time you head to town. And that is the last step.

We know you hate to take time away from farm chores to maintain equipment but your engine will thank you! Over time, this simple task will become routine and will keep your equipment in the best shape for years to come!

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