Not Just a Farmer

Sometimes people say 'oh you are just a farmer,' but that's not even close to true. Farmers are scientists, chefs, managers, accountants, mechanics, caregivers, vets, gardeners, teachers, meteorologists and more. We asked our farmers what being a farmer means to them and these are some of the wonderful answers.

Being a farmer is an American dream!

Being a farmer means doing good, honest, hard work. It's a blessed and beautiful life. It's not what you do, it's how you live.

Being a farmer means amazing smells, beautiful views and a full heart.

Bring a farmer means feeding more than just your family, it means feeding your community, feeding your friends and feeding others in the world.

Being a farmer means no sleeping in and no vacations!

Being a farmer means taking care of the animals just like you would care for your own family.

Being a farmer means doing the best you can with what you have.

Being a farmer means respecting Mother Nature even though she sometimes causes chaos!

Being a farmer means dealing with life and death every day. The beauty and pain of life is found in the work we do.

Being a farmer means being overworked and underpaid but doing it because you love it and you can't imagine another job.

Being a farmer means knowing that a farm is the best place in the world!

Being a farmer means getting dirty. It means appreciating the fresh air and everything around you.

Being a farmer means understanding science, medicine, how equipment runs, balancing the books and more!

Being a farmer is in your blood, in your soul…and if you do it right, it's in your belly!

Being a farmer means waking up before the sun comes up and going to sleep after the sun comes down.

Being a farmer means being proud of the work that you do and the responsibility that you have.

Being a farmer means muddy shoes, dirty fingernails, working through rain and snow.

Being a farmer means blood, sweat and tears. It also means the best rewards you can imagine.

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