5 Timekeeping Solutions For Your Farm Business

Are you using the traditional time cards for your employees or looking for a more efficient solution to track your employee's time? Whether you have just a few employees or more than a handful, there are some simple and inexpensive timekeeping solutions that may just meet your needs. I just got back from the FamilyFarms Group conference where we, as farmers, shared information including timekeeping solutions that we were using at our farms. Here are 5 of those timekeeping soltuions. Our farm has been using Clockspot.com and has been a great solution for us. However, depending upon your timekeeping needs, you might find one of the alternatives that some other farms are using be more useful to your operation. 

My Farmer Fine Print:  Please note that I pulled the prices directly from the company websites and are subject to change. Please visit their company websites for more detailed information and features. In no way am I paid by any of these companies to promote their product. My purpose is to share useful information that will help you within your own farm business. 

Clockspot (http://www.clockspot.com)

Web based

Employees can clock in or out from any phone, computer or toll free number

Cost:  $19/month (includes 1 manager and 1 employee).  Additional employees are $4 per employee.


Easy Clocking (http://www.easyclocking.com)

Web based software

Employees log in via pin, card, or biometric (fingerprint or iris recognition)

Contact for price quote.


TSheets (http://www.tsheets.com)

Web based software

Employees can clock in and out via iPhone or Google app, or text message

Cost:  $20 per month plus $5 per user up to 100 users


Timestation (http://www.mytimestation.com)

Employees scan in and out using a QR card and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Cost:  Start up is free, you print your own QR cards

Free for up to 10 employees

$19.95/month subscription for up to 20 employees

$20.95/month subscription for up to 50 employees

$39.95/month subscription for up to 100 employees

TimeQPlus:  (http://www.timeqplus.com)

Data Input:  PC punch, badge, or biometric (fingerprint, hand, or face recognition)

Cost:  Ranges from $129 for software alone up to $699 for software and face recognition bundle.  Must purchase both software and some sort of equipment.


Time Force 2:  (http://www.mytimeforce.com)

Web based

Employees use a web browser, biometric, approved time clock or mobile app to clock in and out.

Contact for price quote.


Hopefully one of these options can help you with timekeeping on your farm!

Rebecca Crownover

To learn more and connect with me on social media, visit: www.rebeccacrownover.com and www.texasfarmgirl.com.


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