Farmer To-Do List

It's time for a fresh start, which means tackling the to-do list for the year. If you start out organized, you will have a more successful year, and perhaps keep your sanity. Here are a few recommendations for your farm to-do list:

Manage your time: We have had many farm women (especially moms and wives) ask us for some tips on time management. Today farmer and mom, Rebecca Crownover, shares her tips on getting it all done when you are being pulled in every direction.

Advocate: Being an advocate for farming can be tough and exhausting, but with a lot of information circulating, it is more important than ever to advocate for your farm and for all farmers. Jolene Brown shares her advice on what your "Advocacy Song Book" should include.

Market your farm: Have you ever wanted to start marketing your farm? Or maybe just do a better job? Whether it's selling your products or simply making a name for yourself in the agricultural community, creating and implementing a strategic marketing plan can help you become more successful with your efforts. Check out the video for some awesome tips!

Be a leader: Being a woman in ag means you are in the minority sometimes. It is important to step up and stand out. Reaching out to and educating consumers is more important than ever before. Leaders are in high demand. Here are some reasons this year should be the year you get involved. 

Plan for the future: Working every day on a farm, with an early wake-up call and long hours, doesn't leave a lot of time for planning. But it is difficult to predict in the farming industry what future years will bring. With weather extremes becoming the norm, it seems, farmers and ranchers find themselves planning for a variety of scenarios year after year. Of course these factors affect personal finances as well. Thus, the ability to project into the future may be crucial to making long-term financial goals more achievable, according to studies. Here are three steps to creating a sound retirement plan.

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