Best Farmer Advice

When you think of farmers, you think of tradition, family, faith and food. You think of your grandfather's rough hands from years of work or the smell of the tobacco barn. You think of your mom's homemade pie recipe with ingredients from her garden or the feeling you get when you see the trusty pick-up coming down the driveway. It's a legacy passed on from one generation to the next. We gathered advice from current farmers and generations past and here is some of the best.

"Buy land, they aren't making any more of it. My Dad's wisdom." - Karen

"My parents always told me that I would never know how strong I was until I had to be!" - Donna

"My grandpa would always say 'keep it between the fence posts.'" - Dawn

"My Dad always said to take care of your land and livestock with kindness and humility because we are only it's tenants. The land was here before you and will be after you aren't." - Debra

"My mom said 'marry a farmer and you'll never move; he'll never leave his land!'" - Holly

My dad said 'what will be will be.'" - Alison

"Learn to grow your own food because one day that is all you have to eat." - Liz

"It's all about the land. It can give you what you need." - Theresa

"My Papaw Woodrow always said 'you can get more in a crooked row than in a straight row.'" - Melissa

"My Grandpa always emphasized patience as a real virtue. Never give up." - Cheri

"Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do." - Carolyn

"I'm a first and only generation farmer - but the best advice I've gotten from mentor farmers has been their actions. I have never, in all of the various occupations I've held, been more impressed with the authenticity, kindness, openness and generosity of other small farmers who have given advice, offered suggestions, and shared seed, transplants and yields - openly and without strings or expectations." - Marie

"My pop said 'every path has its puddles, so put your big girl boots on and get ready to jump'" - Morgan

"Mother Nature is always the boss of you." - Rose

"Leave the gates just like you found them! It works in life, too." - Lisa

"Keep digging, girl." - Amy

"Learn everything you can. Never stop learning. You will never regret gaining knowledge." - Crista

"Where there's livestock there's dead stock!!!" - Sarah

"Patience and silence will take you farther than a hot head" - Nicole

"Shut the door! House door, refrigerator door, bathroom door, garage door, barn door...." - Jamie

"No one ever drowned in their own sweat" - Egan

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