Celebrating Women in Ag

Whether it's International Women's Day or just a regular day, we love celebrating women in agriculture. Women in agriculture might seem like a minority, but the numbers grow every year and they are a force to be reckoned with. Today we are celebrating women in ag with some of our favorites:

Sara: A corn and soybean farmer in Minnesota, who believes it's okay for women to farm...and to wear makeup!

Rebecca: Single mom, Texas farm girl and children's book author. Losing her husband tragically has led her to a second passion for writing. She is quite an inspiration.

Katie: Married to a seventh-generation farmer, Katie farms in Illinois, raises a family and advocates for agriculture.

Krista: Also known as the Farmer's Wifee, Krista is a mom, dairy farmer and advocate for farm women and farm wives everywhere.

Shauna: Shauna and her husband, a fourth generation farmer are keeping the tradition alive by raising the 5th generation, their teenage daughter and son on Farver Farms in Montana. 

Kaitlyn: After spending her childhood in agriculture, she is now farming in Texas with her husband.

BreeAnn: BreeAnn is no stranger to skepticism as a woman in ag, but she faces it head on as a part of her family's business, Brinkley Auctions, Oklahoma's largest tractor and farm machinery auction!

Sarah: A nurse in Canada married to a farmer, Sarah found her voice advocating for ag and raising her two (soon-to-be three) kiddos. When she is not at the hospital, she helps her husband's family raise wheat, canola and peas.

Kelly: Kelly and her husband farm in Northern Indiana, which is a dream come true after growing up on her father's horse farm. Kelly likes to get in touch with her tomboy side and play in the dirt. When she isn't farming, Kelly is photographing old barns.

Tracy: Tracy is a  custom harvester from Nebraska who spends all of harvest season traveling the country with her family/harvesting crew.

Thanks for bringing us some inspriation! If you are a woman in agriculture who wants to share your story, email us at info@pinktractor.com.

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