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"Hi there. Jolene Brown here. You can tell by the setting and the sounds that the seasons on the Brown farm have certainly changed. And that means the marathon of harvest has just begun. In my over four decades of being married to my farming husband I have learned something and that is, during peak times there are personality changes. Now peak time for you might be planting season. It might be when you get in a whole bunch of new critters onto the farm. It might be when the fruits and vegetables need to be picked and packed and sent to market. We all have our peak times. But what is especially important to use on our farm, is harvest. And what I mean by personality change is this. Tunnel Vision... This means that all of life ceases to exist unless it can support the goal of harvest. This means sleeping and eating. It means being available 24/7. It means hurry and be there even though you don't know where you are supposed to be. It also means putting in very, very long hours. It is also a tense time because you and I know we have worked an entire year hoping that mother nature will cooperate and we will be blessed with a very bountiful harvest. But it is during this peak time that you and I dare not to forget other things that are also really important to us, and that means we might need to expand our tunnel vision just a little bit. So on your farms, please do not forget, especially during harvest those who have provided the food. They have prepared it. They have brought it out to you whenever you wanted or whenever you needed it and they came home and cleaned it up, and did the same thing day after day. A "thank you" goes a long ways."

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Jolene Brown is a farmer, professional speaker, author and champion for the family owned business. She's from West Branch, Iowa, USA, and travels worldwide sharing leading-edge best practices that have the power to increase productivity, profitability and peace of mind. Her passion combined with her fun-filled spirit and valuable information brings humor, hope and helpful ideas to the people of agriculture. Jolene's books, "Holy Crap! I Married a Farmer!" Joy-filled Lessons Connecting Our Sisters in Agricultureand Sometimes You Need More Than a 2x4! How-to-tips to successfully grow a family business are available online at www.JoleneBrown.com.  For more information and to check out her speaking availability, contact her at Jolene@JoleneBrown.com.

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