Machinery Breakdowns and How to Prevent Them

When machinery breaks down it can be extremely expensive to fix; however, if the breakdown occurs during a season when you need it the most, it’s going to cost much more than time and money to fix. This is why Pink Tractor is giving you the list of tips to help with any possible breakdowns in the future.

  • Forgetting to read the owner’s manual

Don’t think all of your machinery is easily fixed the same way. Always refer to the owner’s manual. Not looking at it when fixing broken down equipment is one thing owner’s fail to do and sometimes just assume “their way” is really what you need to do to fix the problem. The owner’s manual is also there for troubleshooting and pinpointing the problem.

  • Incorrect Maintenance

It’s important to keep up with the maintenance on your machinery. Whether it’s failing to oil chains, replace belts, or skipping a couple of locations when greasing a new machine. It’s necessary to perform a proper inspection of the equipment at the beginning of the day.

  • Poor Electrical Connections

Electrical problems are one of the major causes of machinery breakdowns. This is very common with newer machinery and technology on them today.  It’s also one of the hardest breakdowns to prevent. A couple of things you can do to make sure there isn’t any dust or dirt in the areas where the connectors are located is - always use compressed air instead of water to keep the moisture away from wires.

  • Pushing Your Machinery Over the Limit

Some farmers operate their machinery to its maximum capability. Doing so at a continued rate will cause the machinery to have future problems. Overrunning the machine can put a strain on all of the drives leading to future break downs.

  • Not Replacing Worn Parts When Needed

Usually when a part breaks on machinery only that part is replaced and the farmer fails to find the main source that contributed to that part breaking. By replacing that one part it could only fix the problem temporarily. It is always good to investigate and find the source.

  • Improper Storage

Improper Storage applies to combines and planters. After the harvest season wraps up farmers put their machinery in the barn and it sits there until next season without being properly cleaned. Debris left over on machinery can attract rodents which can nest inside the equipment and eat through wires. Dust built up on the machinery can interfere with the electrical components.

  • Pay attention to warning signals

It’s important not to ignore beeping or flashing signals that happen to go off on your machinery. Some farmers ignore it or even disconnect the signals so it will stop going off. Those signals could be engine temperature, hydraulic oil, shaft speeds, or other parts that aren’t turning at the right speed.

  • Make sure whoever operates the machinery is trained

This is one of the biggest causes of machinery breakdowns. Just because someone you know says they know how to operate certain machinery doesn’t mean they’ve been properly trained. Always train/show outside help how to operate your machinery before you place your most prized piece in their hands.

Once you determine it's time to replace a piece of equipment, new or used, start with 

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Machinery breakdowns can be extremely expensive to fix - costing time and money. Pink Tractor provides a list of tips to help with future breakdowns.