The Best Wedding Ever!

As told by Jennifer Embry to Carol Hughey, co-editor Pink Tractor 

Do you remember planning your wedding?? I do, starting with the wedding I planned in my dreams as a young girl.   I had vivid dreams about my wedding which included my colors, the groom’s colors, even the plan to have both my parents walk up the aisle and give me away to my beloved.  It was amazing how many parts of my dream plans were included and realized in my actual wedding.

So, having said that, I know most women think their wedding is a big deal. And I was excited to start work on the Pink Tractor May/June e-edition featuring Farm/Barn Weddings.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview a beautiful young woman who had planned her own barn/farm wedding and experienced a fabulous dream wedding day, in her words, “the best wedding ever!”

Let me introduce you to the bride and groom, Dylan and Jennifer Embry.  They were high school sweethearts, attended the same college, completed their degrees, moved back to the county where they were raised, and are both employed in the World of AG!

Dylan's family has always been involved in some sort of farmin.  He currently works at Linak Manufacturing in Louisville, Kentucky.

 LINAK  manufactures linear actuators . (Actuators you ask???  LINAK actuators are used to adjust fertilizer, salt or sand in spreaders and sprayers, and to adjust height and angle on the auger spout on harvesters. Actuators are also used to control outlet and choppers on harvesters and when wrapping bales. Definitely my new learning for the day!)

Jennifer’s mom has worked at Fastline Media Group for many years so Jennifer is a second generation Fastline girl! (Fastline Media Group is dedicated to quality agrimarketing advertising both in print and online and just happens to be Pink Tractor’s parent company. check out  for more information.)

Jennifer officially joined the World of Ag when she graduated from college and started as a sales support person at Fastline. She recently changed positions within Fastline and is the Digital Marketing Assistant for I3 Digital agency. (Spinning off from our legendary parent company Fastline Media Group, i3 exists to take your business past the catalog page and into the ever-expanding Internet frontier; check out their website to see how they might be able to help you.)

So, I sat down and started my interview with Jennifer. Why a barn wedding?   Jennifer responded very quickly and her face beamed as she explained: it was simple… a barn wedding truly reflects our journey. We were both raised in Kentucky; were around the farms; it was us… so we started the search for a barn venue.

Jennifer emphasized: it is very important to make sure you find one that allows you to make it yours and Walnut Grove was just that for us.  The owner allowed us to decorate the inside of the barn anyway we wanted, and they even had tables and chairs that he Hand crafted. (if you have a chance check it out online It was a no brainer we’re doing it at Walnut Grove, we’re having a farm/barn wedding. Dylan, my family, and my mom all embraced the idea and immediately jumped into it with me. We were engaged for two years giving the time needed to plan the perfect barn wedding.

Jennifer’s face continued to beam as she shared; I was fortunate I surrounded myself with people who believed in my vision, agreed with my vision and helped me see it through.

We selected DIY projects to do (my mom is an amazing DIY’er, I’ve never seen anyone decorate as well as her). We limited it to 10 projects to ensure that they could be completed and meet our standards for our …MY…day. And what I learned most from that experience and something my mom has shared with me for years… if people are willing to help, let them. It’s OK to ask for help, what is the worst thing that can happen, you don’t know if you don’t ask.  I continue to hold that advice close and will use it my entire life.

But back to the wedding, it was perfect. We brought our two diverse families together and found space for everyone to be comfortable. We placed the ceremony in a spot that would not be difficult for all to maneuver to from parking or to get to the reception. The ceremony and reception being on one site truly helped it to be a relaxing fun day for all including me, my husband, Dylan, and my mom!

You asked me what would I change?? I can’t think of one thing (well except the weather… 107 in JUNE, but that was totally out of my power and we did plan by having portable fans). Jennifer went on to share as she gazed into space; I would not change a thing, I will never forget walking down the aisle looking around and seeing all the beautiful scenery;  the fields, the barn, the green, my family and friends ;  And then I looked at my dream ballgown wedding dress and at the end of the aisle there was Dylan…waiting for ME!   It was the most beautiful, serene, surreal moment of my life… I had the best wedding ever!!!!

Jennifer’s take away from the planning and actual wedding day experience is simple: Remember this day is for you and your husband.  Surround yourself with the people who know that, agree with that vision, and will help you make it happen. It is your day, do it your way for you…. for you will hold this memory close forever.

Jennifer and Dylan are living on 15 acres where his grandparents once grew tobacco.  The property has a pond, woods to hunt and is still used to grow hay.  A Farm/Barn Wedding, as Jennifer stated, was a true reflection of their journey!

Check out the list of pros and cons Jennifer shared.  (I am sure you will quickly notice the imbalance and I know I’m sold on Farm/Barn Wedding Venues.)

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