Parenting Tips: Teen Drivers

Being the parent of a teenager is difficult, but the stress can grow when the teen turns 16. Read on for some tips on being the parent of a teen driver.

Farm Life with Lisa: Planting

Lisa Peterson is back today sharing her tales of planting.

Nutrients for Life: Why garden?

A great way to introduce farming to kids on a smaller scale is through gardening.

Parenting Tips: Alcohol Use and Abuse

Today we have some important information on alcohol use and abuse by kids for parents.

Michele Talks to Real Women in Ag

Michele Payn-Knoper, one of North America's leading farm and food advocates, talks to Rita, a real woman in ag and dairy farmer.

Farm Life with Lisa: Snowed in

Today we have a new guest on the website. Lisa is a farm gal who took a break for the city and is now back on the farm in Iowa!

No More Mom in the Middle

Jolene Brown joins us again today to explain how being a 'mom in the middle' can get you in trouble when you are running a family business.

Rural Roadway Safety

If you live on or near a rural road, it's vital to talk to your kids about rural roadway safety.

Parents and Technology: Cyberbullying

As kids and teenagers become more and more connected, it becomes increasingly important to understand what it means to be a parent in this digital age.

Get Organized

Is your resolution to get organized? Try these tips on making it happen!

Stay healthy this winter!

It's the new year! So it's time for everyone to get sick, right? Here are five easy tips on how to stay healthy this winter.

Depression and your teenager

If you have kiddos, especially teenagers, this time of year can be tough. Knowing the signs of depression is vital for a parent of a teenager.