Summer Favorite: Watermelon

There are so many things to love about summer but one of our favorite things is fresh fruit in season!

Natural Brain Boosters

As we age, we can lose some of our memory and brain power. But there are foods you can incorporate into your diet that can help keep you feeling and thinking young.

Natural Sore Throat Relief

Lucky for our land, we have had some pretty consistent rain around Kentucky this summer. But this makes for a miserable allergy season for those who suffer.

Cleaning with Vinegar

Vinegar is a combination of water and acetic acid and is a fairly common household item. It is also a great way to clean without using toxic chemicals!

Alternative uses for Cucumbers

Cucumbers are delicious and refreshing. But they have a lot of hidden uses beyond eating. Keep reading for alternative uses!

Natural Sunburn Cures

While we all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, sometimes the day gets away from us and we end up with the dreaded sunburn. Check out the natural sunburn cures!

Gluten-free Guide

Gluten-free eating is a big trend right now for many reasons. Some people do it to eat healthier and others do it because of an allergy. Keep reading for tips on a gluten-free diet.

Boost Your Immune System

When Spring comes around, allergy season gets in full swing. While there are definitely ways to address allergies through medicine, there are also some natural ways to strengthen your immune system to help you fight off the sniffles this Spring.

Citrus Clean: Lemons and Oranges

When you start Spring cleaning, you might reach for the Windex. But there's a more natural way to clean and disinfect your house. Lemons and oranges are a great and natural way to clean. Not to mention, they smell great!

National Walking Day!

It seems that every day we hear something about the problem with obesity for kids and adults. As the days get longer and the weather warms up, the excuses come to an end. It's time to put on your tennis shoes. Keep reading for more on why today is a good day to start!

Natural Stress Relievers

It's April already! How did that happen?? Well, April is National Stress Awareness Month and we wanted to focus on some ways to relieve stress in our everyday lives.

Natural Hair Dyes

If you like to change your hair color or just have some gray hair to cover up, it's normal to reach for the hair dye. But there is another option for hair dyeing. If you have the desire and a little bit of patience, you can try herbal dyes. Keep reading for the how-to!