The Benefits of Beekeeping

Think beekeeping is the right hobby for you? Find out the buzz!

Gardening with kids

Gardening with kiddos can be a challenge. But there are a couple of ways to approach it to help make it easier. Keep these five tips in mind when you introduce gardening to the kids in your life.

Preserving Your Peppers

If you have a garden this year, then hopefully your yard is overflowing with beautiful vegetables! And if you can't eat enough to keep the harvest from spoiling, you might be in need of a way to keep your peppers!

Couponing Tips

Who doesn't love to save a couple of bucks? Saving money is fun and for some people it is a hobby! If you are just beginning in the world of couponing, here are some tips to get you started.

National Photography Month

Share your photos with us for our National Photography Month contest and be entered to win a great prize!

Vertical Garden

Growing tomatoes doesn't have to take up a lot of space. In fact, you don't even have to have a garden. Read on for how and why to start a vertical garden.  

Spring is here!

Spring is here! Well, in theory. It's still chilly and feels a lot like winter. But it is officially Spring. Is this winter weather driving you bananas yet? Are you itching to get outside? Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this first day of spring.

Tips on Beekeeping

At Jill's Junction, we are big fans of Mother Earth News. They are a great resource for information from gardening to health. And today we are sharing their tips on how to start beekeeping. Keep reading for six tips on how to get into beekeeping!

Ladies come together!

At Pink Tractor, we want you to not only learn, but to connect with other women who are like you. Here are some ideas of ways to get involved with your friends or women in your community.

Summer gardening update

Summer is in full swing and if you planted a garden, you may start to see some results soon. We wanted to share some photos of our garden and some tips on keeping your outside looking great during the hot, hot season.

Adventures in Landscaping

Whether you are on a large farm or in a small house, something to fill your free time (what free time??) can be really relaxing and rewarding. Landscaping and gardening are two things we really enjoy. Landscaping can be pretty time consuming…and expensive, but totally worth it when you see the end result. Read on for more on landscaping.

Gardening tips: Tis the season

It's almost the time of year when it is too late to get your garden started. So if you are hoping for some tomatoes this season, it's time to get going! At this point in the year, it may be your best bet to skip seeds and buy starter plants. Here are some tips on gardening the right way to motivate you to take advantage of the last few days of garden planning. Keep reading for gardening tips.