Farmer To-Do List

It's time for a fresh start, which means tackling the to-do list for the year. Here are a few recommendations for your farm to-do list!

Life Lessons from 4-H and FFA

Some of our farm girls shared why 4-H and FFA were so amazing and what lessons they learned!

Not Just a Farmer

Farmers are scientists, chefs, managers, accountants, mechanics, caregivers, vets, gardeners, teachers, meteorologists and more. This is what it means to be a farmer!

What Farmers Wish You Knew About Farmers

From 'farming is easy' to 'farmers are rich,' there are a million things consumers think they know about farmers. Here's what farmers wish you knew!

Ag Careers Outside of Farming

In today's world, farming is just the beginning of a wide open industry full of career options. Here are some ag careers outside of farming.

Where to Share Your Agriculture Story

Michele Payn-Knoper joins us today to share her 12 tips on where (and how) to share your agriculture story this year.

Michele Payn-Knoper: Customer Service Hot Buttons

Michele joins us with an interview which discusses approaching customer hot buttons from a new perspective: Customer service.

In a Relationship With Ag

If you are in a relationship with a farmer, you are in a relationship with agriculture. To those of you who are - this post is for you!

Harvest 2014 is in the books!

Lisa joins us today to recap the 2014 harvest!

Connecting Farms and Food this Thanksgiving

Michele Payn-Knoper on why Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to connect your food and your farm!

Thanksgiving Without Grandpa

Krista joins us for a special Thanksgiving post that serves as a wonderful reminder of what the holiday season is all about.

Michele Payn-Knoper: Connecting in the Kitchen

So much happens in the kitchen each day and that's the perfect place to start when you think about advocacy.