Amazing Woman in Ag: Dr. Lauren Ledbetter Griffeth

Introducing a new face - Dr. Lauren. She will be joining us to provide leadership information and tips for women in agriculture based on her experience as an extension leadership specialist. 

5 Questions to Answer on Your Farm's Legacy

Five key questions to clarify the intent and commitment of family farm business owners if they wish to assure the integrity of the business for years to come.

From the Globe to the Farm

From the Globe to the Farm: Applying Leadership Lessons to Improve Our Business.

Women in Ag: Misfits on a Mission

Here are some of the insights from the past that still teach valuable lessons for today for women in agriculture.

Being a Good Leader and Coach

Jolene Brown discusses how to best be a leader and coach for your family business.

Becoming a Leader in Your Community

As populations in rural areas continue to shrink, leaders are in high demand. Keep reading for some tips on how to be a leader in your community.

Farmers: A Different Style of Leadership

If there is one skill farmers have honed, it's being in charge. They're born leaders, but it's a different style of leadership.