Modern Engagement Rings are the New Classics

Modern Engagement Rings are the New Classics

(NewsUSA) - Once upon a time, many people proposed to their significant other with grandma's engagement ring. There's something to be said for family tradition. However, whether or not you inherit a piece of heirloom jewelry, there's something unique and personal about a modern, hand-made, custom engagement ring.

"Bold and beautiful; modern and contemporary," says the website of award-winning jewelry designer Cornelis Hollander.

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company has four decades of awards and testimonials for its dramatic engagement ring designs.

"Our diamond rings are exceptional because they are made uniquely for the wearer, making them exclusive, memorable, and personal. Your ring is the ultimate storyteller of your style and commitment," according to Cornelis Hollander's son, Walter Hollander, who inherited the company from his father.

The modern classics of Cornelis Hollander include styles for every taste, for example:

  • Strong but sweet: The Burcht setting features an arc of pave diamonds that sits beneath a precious metal bridge holding a stunning center stone.
  • Clean and classic: The Een is a best-seller with its clean setting and timeless appeal.

Four elongated prongs showcase a center stone, with two additional diamonds on each side, plus a row of bead-set diamonds along the band.

  • Ultra modern and edgy: The Kader pushes the envelope of boldness in jewelry, perfect for those who embrace the unexpected.

The ring features a thick channel that holds an off-center stone in a way that maximizes its brilliance.

  • Perfect fit: The Zwaar is "our boldest and most beautiful setting," according to the company website.

The square design can accommodate most gemstone shapes, and a center stone between two walls that allows the matching wedding band to slide through the middle for a unique piece that catches eyes and turns heads.

In addition, if you want to design your own original modern engagement ring, the Cornelis Hollander team can help turn your vision into a reality.

Any Cornelis Hollander designs can feature moissanite or diamond as the center stone. The company remains in the hands of the Hollander family, and all designs are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in their Scottsdale, Arizona, studio.

Visit for more details and to explore a unique collection of handcrafted diamond ring designs.


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