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Amazing Woman in Ag: Kristie

We have a new amazing woman in ag on the website today: Kristie from Pretty-N-Pink Farm in Piermont, NH.

Apple Pie Pops

Apple pie is an American favorite. From holidays to cookouts, everyone loves to enjoy a slice of this treat. We have a really cute spin on the recipe to share with you. Apple pie pops. They are mini, bite-sized pops that taste just like Apple pie, but are so cute and easy to eat. A perfect extra

Homemade Pizza Recipe

When you are in the mood for pizza, you might want thin crust, New York Style or hand-tossed. But every now and then a hearty deep dish pizza sounds just perfect.

Zucchini Tart

While we enjoy the last weeks of summer, we can still have delicious garden veggies. From tomatoes to cucumbers, it's peak season to make the most of your kitchen.

Pumpkin Cake

Today, we are in the mood for a little something sweet. How about a delicious spicy pumpkin cake?

Kentucky Derby 2012

Getting ready for the Kentucky Derby coming up on the first Saturday in May.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Featured destination: Cincinnati, Ohio

Homesweet and homespun

Newlyweds Steve and Joann Adams needed a place to live. Since Sam had just gotten a job in Frankfort, the vacant old family farmhouse in Henry County seemed like a good place to start. That was 30 years ago. "And we've been there ever since. We've never gotten out," said Sam Adams. Read on for the

Building your Butterfly Garden

Everyone enjoys a lovely flower garden. A few daffodils here, a couple daylilies there, with a few tulips in the mix, and your garden can be colorful with ease. But little do you know, there's a whole new world of garden possibilities with just the right mix of blossoms. With the right combination

Composting 101

The key to a perfect garden is composting. Compost is one of natures best mulches that is simple and inexpensive to make. You can make compost without spending a penny, so why pass up this perfect opportunity to create a beautiful garden without the hassle of mulch or other soil amendments?

Traveling Abroad: tips and tricks

Some tips and tricks for traveling internationally...

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