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Succession Planning - It’s More Than a Will

Jolene Brown joins us to explain what succession planning is all about - and it's more than just a will!

Being a Good Leader and Coach

Jolene Brown discusses how to best be a leader and coach for your family business.

Preparing for Harvest

In this video blog post Jolene Brown provides resources to set you and your family farm up for a successful harvest.

Communication: Build Up or Blow Up

Jolene Brown shares the key elements of communicating clear expectations.

No More Mom in the Middle

Jolene Brown joins us again today to explain how being a 'mom in the middle' can get you in trouble when you are running a family business.

Finding a Role Model

Is there something you want to have, do, be, feel or become? Today, Jolene Brown discusses role models.

Hiring a Family Member

Jolene Brown, family business expert and farmer from Iowa is here today sharing her six questions that you have to ask when considering hiring a family member to work as a part of your farm business.

What Is It You're Not Telling Me?

Jolene Brown here again with some tips on having a family business. Today's topic: What is it you're not telling me? 

Boundaries for the In-Laws

Jolene Brown shares some thoughts and tips on boundaries for the in-laws when you work together on a family farm.

Finding Your "One Thing"

Jolene Brown is back today sharing some information on finding your "one thing."

When working with family more needs to be in writing!

Jolene Brown shares her advice on why writing it down is a must: "If it's not in writing, it doesn't exist!"

People AND Production

Discover Jolene Brown's five prerequisites for hiring key employees, including a family member.

What to do when conversation becomes gossip

Jolene Brown is back today sharing why it can be important to take a closer look at the conversations directly around us.

Family Farming Tips: The Right Hire

The "Dr. Phil of Agriculture," Jolene Brown, explores the dangers of hiring soley on the merit of "You're  family. So of course you have a job!"

Harvest & Appreciation

Hi there. Jolene Brown here. You can tell by the setting and the sounds that the seasons on the Brown farm have certainly changed. And that means the marathon of harvest has just begun.

Thanksgiving Means Giving Thanks!

Jolene Brown is back today explaining why this Thanksgiving we should take advantage of the opportunity to be kind and appreciate what we have.

Management by Mind Reading

Hi there. Jolene Brown here. One of my all-time favorite comedians is Lily Tomlin and she has a funny quote that I think directly relates to those of us in family business.

Evaluations: Look Back to Look Ahead

This is the time of year when we look back and assess everything from yields to marketing results. Why we must also assess the people who do the work! Step-by-step with Jolene Brown. 

Navigating a Family Business

Here to help you navigate the unique challenges of being a family who works together, today Jolene shares her thoughts on a being a business-first family.

The Big Bad Wolf & Your Business

Jolene breaks down the challenging steps of building a family farming business, giving you as strong foundation.

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