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Farms of All Sizes Should be Counted

The ag census gives farmers a voice to influence decisions...

Amazing Woman in Ag: BreeAnn

We are so excited to introduce you to BreeAnn, part of Oklahoma's largest tractor and farm machinery auction!

Erin: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl

Today we are so thrilled to have Erin Ehnle on our website. You might know her from her Facebook page, Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl. We love her work, so we wanted to know a little more about this farm girl.

Amazing Woman in Ag: Lynn T.

Today's Amazing Woman is Lynn T. who was nominated by her husband of 44 years, Pete. Keep reading for Lynn's story!

Amazing Woman in Ag: Joelle

Joelle G. was nominated by her husband, Roxy. She was raised in Lancaster County, PA on a crop and poultry farm. Joelle and Roxy met at Penn State, where they both went to college. Keep reading for more on Joelle!

Amazing Woman in Ag: Amy S.

Today's amazing woman in agriculture is Amy S. from Pennsylvania, who was nominated by her friend, Will. Amy has been in agriculture since she was young and continues to touch her local community through service today.

Amazing Woman in Ag: Chelsea

Today's Amazing Woman in Ag is Chelsea D from Wisconsin. Keep reading for more on her!

Farm Gal: Rachel

We have a woman in agriculture that is a little different from our typical farm gal on the site today. Rachel is an urban farmer located northeast of San Francisco, California.  Her family consists of her husband, Tom and her stepson, Paul. Keep reading for more on Rachel.

Amazing Woman in Ag: Rose G

Rose G of Indiana was nominated for our amazing woman in ag award by her daughter, Sherry and son, Johnny. Rose and her family have lived on a dairy farm all their lives. She is quite impressive on and off the farm. Keep reading for more on Rose G, a real life Rosie!

Women in Ag: State of the Union

Over the last few years, we have noticed the trend of an increase in women farmers. Women are often stereotyped as the wife of the farmer, rather than an integral part of the farm's day-to-day operation. With the growing popularity of agriculture programs at colleges across the country along with better support for the agriculture community, more women are getting involved. Keep reading for more on women in agriculture and the state of the industry.

Farm Gal: Stephanie Brister

Stephanie Brister won a Fastline scholarship in 1997 and we wanted to check in on what this farm gal has been up to since then. Stephanie has been busy in Alma, Arkansas, on her 600-acre farm, K-B Land & Cattle. There, she and her husband, Sean, grow soybeans, wheat, and raise cattle, and have a small pumpkin patch. Keep reading for more on Stephanie!

Farm gal spotlight: Katie Mest

Katie Mest won a Fastline scholarship back in 2004, and we wanted to check in on where she is now. Katie knew from a young age that she would be in the agriculture industry. Keep reading for more on Katie!