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Market Update 3/19

Today's market update comes on the heels of spring, which officially starts tomorrow!

Commodity Glossary

Today we wanted to share some important terms in a glossary to help you navigate the commodity markets.

Green Bean Casserole

Green Beans are always a part of our Thanksgiving dinner. But if you want to switch it up this year, Green Bean casserole is a great option.

Barbecued Baked Beans

The season for cookouts is here. Keep reading for a great recipe to add to your cookout repertoire, barbecued baked beans.

Farmers Market: Soy beans

Soy has grown in popularity in the last few years with the introduction of soy milk into the every day consumables. But soy has been around for a long time in the agriculture industry. Soy beans are used for feed for many animals, which makes them an integral part of the production of beef, chicken, dairy products, eggs, turkeys and pigs! Keep reading for more on soy beans.

Farmers Market: Green beans

Green beans are an awesome vegetable, super healthy and delicious. They are the pod from a bean plant. Keep reading for more on this yummy, green veggie.

Crock pot baked beans

There's nothing better (and easier) than crock pot baked beans for a cookout. Keep reading for our easy recipe.