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Lisa's Home Remodel

Lisa is sharing her adventures in remodeling in a series. First up, trim!

DIY Cinnamon Wreath

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, it's about time to get into the holiday spirit. With all the gifts and spending, it's nice to have a DIY project to save a little money! This winter wreath is the perfect craft for just that.

Recycle your t-shirts

From summer vacations to running a 5k, it's easy to accumulate a lot of t-shirts. And we have a perfect DIY to recycle a shirt.

Soda Can Gift Tag: DIY

We love any craft project that saves money and allows you to recycle materials to be reused. This DIY gift tag tutorial is perfect for both reasons. They are also incredibly easy to make and are pretty cute.

Rainy Day Crafts

After a week of gorgeous sunshine and nice spring (actually, almost summery) weather, we are looking at a weekend of rain...So we collected some fun indoor crafts to do. Keep reading!

Natural Egg Dyeing: Step-by-step

If you celebrate Easter, you know it's right around the corner on Sunday March 31. One of our favorite Easter traditions is dying Easter eggs. And we found out there is a better way to do it! Keep reading for the natural way to dye eggs.

DIY Wine Rack

If you have a pallet lying around, this is an awesome craft for you. This is a great project to clear some clutter from your own kitchen. It is perfect for wine or even olive oil, vinegar or other cooking supplies. Keep reading for the instructions.

Snowman Decor: Do-it-yourself

'Twas the week before Christmas and the kiddos are bored. So here is an easy craft for them (or you) to help pass some time and add a little Christmas cheer to your home. This is also a very cute gift! Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions.

Christmas Clothespin Wreath: Do-it-yourself

We have a super easy DIY craft to show you today. It's a basic craft that you can do for yourself or as gift, or even with the kiddos. It is really cute in green and red, but you could make these for any number of holidays! Try this one out and send us photos of your final product!

Candy Sleigh: Do-it-yourself

Tis the season for candy and desserts! Today we have a DIY for you to make a candy sleigh. This is a great project to do with the kiddos and a great (and yummy) gift. Keep reading for the step by step instructions!

Rustic Pinecone Ornaments: Do-it-yourself

With the holidays approaching, we have a few ideas for some inexpensive crafts. Today we have are making rustic pinecone ornaments. These are perfect to decorate your tree or any part of your house for the holidays and they smell wonderful! Keep reading for the details!

Frame gift: Do-it-yourself

The holidays can be overwhelming with all of the purchases and gifts, decorating and meals. What better what to deal with everything than to find ways to save money and take some time to relax? Keep reading for this great DIY frame that's the perfect gift!