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Halloween Facts

Happy Halloween! To celebrate this spooky holiday, we wanted to share some fun Halloween facts. Here are 10 fun (and some little-known) facts about one of our favorite holidays of the year!

The Great State: Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a large "plains" state with over 40 million acres of land. The state grows crops such as hay, corn, winter wheat, peanuts and pecans. Oklahoma ranks in the top 10 in the United States for production of rye, winter wheat, peanuts, peaches, sorghum and is 15th in the production of watermelons. For more information on Oklahoma, keep reading!

The Great State: South Carolina

South Carolina is a south eastern state, with nearly 70% of the land covered in forests. In agriculture, South Carolina makes the bulk of its income with meat chickens. South Carolina also produces grains, oil seeds, cucumbers, snap beans, tomatoes and potatoes. The only tea farm in North America is in South Carolina. For more on South Carolina, keep reading.


The Great State: Utah

Utah is a state whose crop production is a great part of its success. From wheat, barley and beans to potatoes, onions and corn, Utah produces a variety of crops. The state is also known for its sweet corn and tomatoes. They are top-ranking for cherries (tart and sweet), apricots and peaches; mink, sheep and trout. For more information, keep reading.

The Great State: West Virginia

West Virginia is our last Great State. And we picked a great one to end on. West Virginia has over 23,000 farms and 95% are family-owned. Those farms produce apples, trout, turkey and peaches in quantities that rank in the top 15 for each category. Wheat and soybeans are also produced along with a lot of livestock including chicken, cattle, eggs, lambs and sheep. For more on West Virginia, keep reading.

The Great State: Nevada

Nevada has a significant amount of desert and mountainous land. And while Nevada is the most urban state, agriculture is still a part of the state's income. Nevada is known for its production of potatoes, barley, alfalfa, rye, oats, wheat vegetables, mint, garlic and onions, and fruits. For more information on Nevada, keep reading!

The Great State: Mississippi

Mississippi is a great agriculture state for many reasons, including long summers and very fertile soil deposited by floodwaters of the Mississippi River. The crops produced in Mississippi are predominantly cotton, soybeans and rice. But animals make up a large part of the state's farm income. For more information on Mississippi, keep reading!

The Great State: Delaware

Delaware was the first state and is the smallest state, but it still represents agriculture in a big way. Corn is gorn on almost half of the cultivated land in Delaware. The state is also home to apples, chickens, livestock, wheat and soybeans. While the state is small, it's agriculture industry brings in over $1 billion a year. For more on Delaware, keep reading.

The Great State: Idaho

Idaho is a state full of diversity in the agriculture industry. It is a state known for producing sweet corn, alfalfa, and carrot, onion, turnip and lettuce seeds. They also produce grapes, and house over 1,500 wineries. Keep reading for more on Idaho.

The Great State: Kansas

Kansas is an important agriculture state with nearly 90% of the land used as agricultural production. Some of the products that come out of Kansas are sorghum grain, wheat, cattle, sunflowers, hay, corn, hogs and milk. Kansas has the largest population of prairie chicken in North America. For more information on Kansas, keep reading.

The Great State: Arkansas

Arkansas is a fairly large state known for agriculture, which brings in close to $16 billion for the economy, with the poultry industry making up over 30%. It is home to over 20 million acres of land, much of which is used for agriculture. Arkansas is a top ten producer of all of the following commodities for the United States: rice, corn, soybeans, broilers, cotton, eggs, pecans, catfish, turkeys, grain sorghum.

The Great State: New York

While most people think of New York City when they think of New York, the state is actually a huge agriculture community. New York state produces a wide variety of fruit, like apples and grapes, and vegetables such as cabbage, onion and sweet corn. Because New York has a large dairy industry, it produces a large number of crops to support those farms, like corn and wheat. Dairy milk is the leading commodity produced in the state. Additionally, cattle, hogs, lambs, ducks and other meat products are a part of this state's diverse agriculture, an industry that uses over a fourth of the state's land.