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Determining Your Farm’s Horsepower Needs

The way to make the right tractor-buying decision for your farm operation is to...

I Grew Up On A Farm

You can't beat the life lessons, the hard work and rewards, the family time. Here are a few reasons we thank God every day that we grew up on a farm!

Fresh Start Growers' Supply

We were lucky enough to take a fieldtrip down the street recently to visit Fresh Start Growers' Supply. Fresh Start is located in Louisville, Kentucky; owned and operated by Steve Paradis. Steve started Fresh Start in 2009 when he realized that there was a need for a place like this. Stemming from the realization that the quality and availability of food has gone downhill (for example, a salad with croutons and ranch had become a healthy option for kids in schools), Fresh Start was born. Their mission is simple: help people grow great food independently. Keep reading for more on Fresh Start.